What is Onesck?

Onesck is a different kind of sock. One at a time, simple and quirky.

Why One at a time?

Because you have free will. So what if the world thinks you should wear the same sock on each foot? Go your own way. 

Is it an odd sock?

This is your choice. If you buy Multi Ones or All in One packs, each sock will be a different colour. If you buy single socks, you can choose the same colour or different colours – it’s up to you!

How many combinations can I have?

The game is here! With single socks in 21 different colours, you can make 210 different pairs. There is always a combination that matches your outfit or your mood.

What about sustainability?

You can create more styles and help reduce the natural resources spent in the production of socks by purchasing different colours individually. The idea behind this is that making different combinations with each sock, helps to reduce the natural resources, in comparison to purchasing them as a pair. For example, 21 different colours in our “All in One” pack enables you to create 210 different looks. If you were to create 210 different looks with standard socks, you would need to buy 420 single socks or 210 pairs, thus using 19 times the resource.

How many colours are there?

Our socks come in a range of bright and cheerful 21 colours. These cotton-rich coloured socks are the ideal way to update your wardrobe and give any outfit a colourful twist.

How are Onescks made?

Crafted from the finest Turkish combed cotton and weaved with 168 needles, each Onesck style has a high cotton content (80% Cotton, 18% Elastane, 2% Polyamide), so they’re great for promoting healthy feet, absorbing moisture and wicking it away from your skin. Lightweight for a close fit and super soft to the touch for all day comfort, each colour from the 21 Onesck collection is vibrant, created using certified Oeko-Tex® dyes, so they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. With two sizing options for the mid-calf/crew Onesck’s available, the brands motto of ‘No Left – No Right’ is printed on top of the sock to face the user, motivating them every time they wear their Onesck.

Are Onescks comfortable to wear?

Onescks have a high cotton content so they are great for healthy feet, absorbing moisture and wicking it away from your skin. Onescks are lightweight and less bulky than other socks so they are a good choice for a close fit.. A seamless toe and heel makes you feel more comfortable and free. Supersoft to the touch, they are perfect for all day comfort.

How do I wash Onescks

Wash Onescks inside out and with similar colours at a maximum 40 degree.

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